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About Paola

PAOLA GRIBAUDO is one of the world’s most dedicated editors, whose publishing skills actually run in the family. She has worked with numerous companies, publishing groups and individuals. She has published both original works by authors and art catalogues by some of the foremost and most popular artists, architects and writers of our time… (Read More About Paola)


Ezio e Paola Gribaudo, Libreria Rizzoli, New York, 2002

Foto Paola Gribaudo di Elena Muzzarelli

Foto Elena Muzzarelli


Roque Fucci

The Italian Cultural Institute   Presents       The 2014 Gotham Prize Winner  Roque Fucci    Exhibition Opening Thursday, April 23 6PM Italian Cultural Institute 686 Park Avenue New York  “I’m a craftsman into listening; maybe I copy from others or I recast things, I don’t know: things come out like

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Dietro la Pagina / Behind the Page

Dietro la Pagina / Behind the Page Sono quasi mille, tra libri e librini pubblicati dal 1981 ad oggi, 2015. Quale miglior modo di celebrare l’evento con un’altra pubblicazione, un racconto per immagini che documenta la nascita di un libro. Almost a thousand books and booklets have been published since 1981 to

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